Nordic Design: A Viking Inspired Legacy

Posted by Patrick Enrile on

With the awesome TV show Vikings on our mind, we thought it would be good to look at a Viking themed branding for events, business and social standpoint. We checked out the design archives, logos, outfits and discovered that Vikings are a popular motif for heaps of different event platforms from sports team merchandise, theme plays and musicals and other more stuff.

But with all these unique standpoint from the medieval times. Why Vikings? Because it promotes powerenergy and toughness - through beer, websites, buffet restaurants and sports organization (Minnesota Vikings).

Designers and brand managers should be inspired by a Viking culture and Nordic design more broadly as it offers plenty of inspiration.

Traditionally vikings are seen as symbols of strength, endurance and exploration. In context, this warrior culture is a great source of inspiration. Vikings are rugged - they survived long hard cold winters. Viking culture thrived - they conquered lands faraway with their fighting prowess and skills in water navigation. Vikings are perceived as a tough, bearded masculine culture but they knew how to have fun and feast like kings. 

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