About Us

Hi! Welcome to our Online Store!

We're glad you stop by and look at the good products we have for sale. 

Owned and operated by husband and wife Patrick and Susan Enrile in their home office in the Philippines.

Bella Thoughts 4U was named after our daughter Isabella Marie "Bella" Enrile. Our store is a collection of watches and accessories perfect for gifts and giveaways at a very affordable price that suits for a set of people with certain interests. We handpicked every single item you see in our store coming from our direct suppliers so we can lower down the price and cover its shipping cost. So, if you can wait up from 7 to 15 business days to receive the product then this is the right store for you. 

Thanks for checking us out, if you have any questions or have ideas of new products you want us to offer, please let us now.


Patrick and Susan